Second Before

Second Floor Renovation Wayne Main Line Philadelphia PA
Stairs to Second Floor Before Renovation. The second floor will be stripped to the studs before construction begins. The reconfigured floorplan will address ceiling height issues and give each space a little more breathing room.

Renovation Bedroom Addition Wayne Main Line Philadelphia PA
Play Room Area at Top of Stairs. The bedroom addition will connect to the existing structure along the (front) wall with the window. Most of this space will be consumed by the new bathroom.

Bedroom Before Renovation Dormer AdditionWayne Main Line Philadelphia PA
Pool Side Bedroom View towards Stairs. A new shed dormer and window unit will replace the skylight in the pool side bedroom to raise the roof line and provide a little more space. The existing doorway will be moved to the right and basically switch places with the closet.

Bedroom Before Renovation Wayne Main Line Philadelphia PA
Right now we’re standing at the top of the stairs looking into the middle room at the back of the house. This room will be opened up to create an open play area central to all the new bedrooms. The space will be shared by the den/playroom and rear middle bedroom.

Bedroom Before Renovation Wayne Main Line Philadelphia PA
Existing Rear Middle Bedroom. The back wall (to our left) will be knocked out and the gable extended to add a little space for the bedroom.

New shed dormers in the driveway side bedroom (not pictured) will raise the roofline to provide vertical clearance.

Bath Before Renovation Wayne Main Line Philadelphia PA
The existing bathroom structure will be extended slightly, but will benefit mostly from new fixtures and finishes.

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  • Architecture & Construction by:

    Gardner/Fox Main Line Addition and Renovation Contractor
  • About the Renovation

    The renovation scope includes design and construction of a one and a half story office and bedroom addition. The renovation also includes reconfiguration of interior spaces on the second floor. New shed dormers and new windows dress up the home's exterior.

    Since 1987, Gardner/Fox has provided award-winning architecture and construction services for every type of home remodeling project throughout Philadelphia and the Main Line. For more information about Gardner/Fox and the remodeling process, check out our website. It's full of great remodeling tips, advice and inspiration.

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